CUTform OÜ


Mission and Value Statements

The Value Statement and Mission Statement for CUTform OÜ are words chosen by its managers to clearly portray the direction of our company. By creating a clear Mission Statement and Value Statement, our aim is to communicate our intentions and motivate our team to understand an attractive and inspiring common vision of the future.

The Mission Statement and Value Statement do two very different jobs.

The Mission Statement of CUTform OÜ outlines the purpose and primary objectives of CUTform OÜ. Its prime function is internal – to define the key measure or measures of our organisation’s success. Its prime audience is the management of CUTform OÜ and our clients.

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The Value Statement also defines the purpose of CUTform OÜ, it does so in terms of our organisation’s values, the values are guiding beliefs about how things should be done.
The Value Statement communicates both the purpose and values of CUTform OÜ. For CUTform OÜ employees, it aims to give direction about how they are expected to behave and inspires them to give their best. Shared with customers, it shapes customers’ understanding of why they should work with CUTform OÜ.

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