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2013 and 2014 Business Investment

CUTform finished 2013 with sales of 5.6 million Euros, nearly 500,000 Euros more than the annual target

Investments during 2013 totaled over 130,000 Euros across the business in areas including Engineering, Quality and Production

CUTform has began 2014 with investment in our CNC machine and welding departments of over 275,000 Euros

The latest investments CUTform have made will support those methods that are important to us and our clients. 2014 will provide as expected, many more challenges and demands by our ever growing customer base. The investments, added with motivation and drive will ensure CUTform remain at the forefront of our manufacturing sector.

CNC Department

In addition to our 2 HAAS VF3 vertical milling machines, we have added a brand new HAAS VF-3YT/50 vertical milling machine. The new machine is equipped with a Midaco duel pallet changer providing optimized productivity, It has a 50 machine taper with 2 speed gear drive, a much more robust machine providing a more wider range of tooling options and limits.

Technical Data

  • VF-3YT/ 50 Vertical Machining Center
  • Table Limits 40″ X 26″ X 25″ (1016 x 660 x 635 mm)
  • 50- taper geared-head, 30 hp (22.4 kW) vector drive,
  • 7500 rpm, 30+1 side- mount tool changer, 710 ipm (18 m/min) rapids, rigid tapping and 55-gallon (208 liter) flood coolant system.
  • color remote jog handle, programmable coolant nozzle, automatic chip auger,
  • power failure detection module, 1 MB program memory, 15″ color LCD monitor, USB port, memory lock keyswitch

Robot Weld Cell

Additionally, in January CUTform has fully commissioned a brand new robot weld cell. CUTform has integrated robotic MIG welding equipment and automated welding systems to help decrease our manufacturing costs, increase weld quality, improve welding productivity and enhance our working environment.

The Robot CUTform used in this project is ABB’s IRB2600 with reach of 1.85m and payload 12kg. It is one of ABB’s most popular models with it’s large working area and compact design that makes it fast and accurate. The design has been optimized for targeted applications like arc welding, material handling and machine tending.


CUTform invested in the fifth generation robot controller. Based on more than four decades of robotics experience, the IRC5 sets a benchmark in the robotics industry. In addition to ABB’s unique motion control it brings flexibility, safety, modularity, customer adapted user interface, multi robot control and PC tool support.


The ABB positioners are optimized to be used for manipulating of work pieces in arc welding, thermal cutting and other applications. All axes can be fully coordinated with the robot when programming as well as during operation.

Welding Plant

EVM Phoenix 552 RC Pulse

EWM Automation is a specialist for offering automation processes with and without robot systems, MAG orbital systems and fully automated production lines.

EWM has more than 50 years experience in welding technology which has been incorporated in the development, manufacturing and calibration of each of their products.

Machine features include:

Pulsed arc –Controlled, short circuit-proof pulsed arc for all positions
coldArc –low-heat, low-spatter short arc for low-distortion welding and brazing of thin metal sheets and root welding with excellent gap-bridging
forceArc –Low-heat, directionally stable and powerful arc with deep penetration for the upper power range
pipeSolution –powerful short arc for quick and easy welding with or without gap in all positions

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