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New Website Launch

CUTform is very pleased to announce the launch of our new professional looking website. Finally our new website is ready after almost 3 months in design and development!

Along with a new look we have included some features that we believe will make visiting the site a quicker, easier and more interactive experience. To ensure you get the most benefit from the new website, CUTform has listed a few of the new updated features below.  We hope you enjoy our new website and would love to hear what you think about it.

So what have we improved…

The new website gives you instant access to pages when clicking click on the navigation bar. Also, on the home page, we have rolling slides, which are our main technologies, click a chosen slide and it will take you to this technology. All technologies and pages are linked to galleries and enhance your viewing experience.

We thought it would be a great idea to make all clickable links red. These really stand out, so roll over the red text and click to see interesting links

Latest News
We have added a ‘news’ section on the home page. Getting the latest news from CUTform is really important and now this is easier than ever, you can choose one of the latest posts and preview the latest information, If you click the ‘more news’ icon this will open all our news archives where you can view each news post or view them one by one.

Client Feedback
This is new to our home page. We have added an area where CUTform can add comments from satisfied clients regarding any part of the experience they might have received

We have added a new comprehensive Gallery area to the website. This features technology, plant and product photos. We also have a series of videos shows the capability of CUTform and its technology.  Our Videos are located on our new YouTube channel.

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