CUTform OÜ

Gold Cup Trophy

Most Successful Company Awards 2012

During October 2013, Cutform was awarded 25th most successful company in 2012 in Estonia in the category of machine and metal working. There was an impressive group of companies making a total list of 128.

To be considered for the awards, the weight of the company´s field of activity from turnover had to be 51%. The company also had to be active for 2 full consecutive financial years.

To put together the TOP company listing for 2012, Aripäev took from the registry center of the ministry of legal affairs the data of companies the whose sales profit was bigger based on last   year´s financial data. Only these companies were considered whose financial results were scanned in the business registry by the time of data gathering.

The companies were listed based on the following set criteria:

  • Sales revenue of 2012
  • The growth of sales revenue compared to 2011
  • The business profit of 2012
  • Growth of profit compared to 2011
  • Cost-effectiveness and productivity of assets in 2012

For further information, please click and read pages 48-52 of Tööstus October 2013

This is a fantastic achievement for a company which has been manufacturing for less than 2 years. Please look out for the results of 2013 as I am sure you will be impressed even more

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