CUTform OÜ


Laser Cutting

Laser cutting  offers extreme flexibility, profiling the simplest of components to details of almost limitless complexity – Laser cutting is suitable for both prototyping samples and full production orders. The ability to laser cut complicated details can eliminate the need for additional post operations.

With short lead times and zero tooling costs, laser cutting is a highly attractive and economical means of cutting sheet metal and plate.

Amada’s laser cutting machine, the LC-3015 X1 NT, offers high-quality cutting results coupled with reliability and precision throughout the entire process. This all-round machine boasts an extended range of processing options; alongside all steel types, we now cut with high pressure air aluminum. Our Capabilities are as follows

  • Mild steel cut to 20mm
  • Stainless steels of up to 15 mm.
  • Aluminium to 8mm
  • Sheet size 1500mm x 3000mm

The resonator stands out due to its excellent performance stability and optimized energy management. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art machine engineering technology, the LC-3015 X1 NT continues to offer absolute precision and repeatability

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