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Robotic Welding

CUTform has a fully commissioned robot weld cell. CUTform has merged robotic MIG welding equipment and automated welding systems to reduce our manufacturing spend, improve weld quality, increase welding productivity and improve our working environment.


The Robot used in this project is ABB’s IRB2600 with reach of 1.85m and payload 12kg. It is one of ABB’s most popular models with it’s large working area and compact design that makes it fast and accurate. The design has been optimized for targeted applications like arc welding ,material handling and machine tending.

Performance (according to ISO 9283)

  • Arm reach 1.85m
  • Position repeatability 0.04 mm
  • Path repeatability 0.16 mm


Fifth generation robot controller based on more than four decades of robotics experience, the IRC5 sets a benchmark in the robotics industry. In addition to ABB’s unique motion control it brings flexibility, safety, modularity, customer adapted user interface, multi robot control and PC tool support.


The ABB positioners are optimized to be used for manipulating of work pieces in arc welding, thermal cutting and other applications. All axes can be fully coordinated with the robot when programming as well as during operation.

Type: IRBP-L

  • Two have been used in the project.
  • Variants L-300
  • Handling capacity kg 300
  • Max cont. torque Nm 350
  • Max bending moment Nm 600
  • Repetitive accuracy (r=500) mm +/-0.05
  • Max rotation speed °/s 180

Welding Plant

EVM Phoenix 552 RC Pulse

  • 011Multiprocess pulse arc MIG/MAG welding machine without front control Set up via external operating panel or RC300 tablet PC or notebook with PC300.NET software
  • Very high power reserves enable use of long intermediate hose packages: 70 mm2 up to 30 m 95 mm2 up to 40 m
  • Standard interface for automated welding (start/stop, control voltage, current flow)
  • Optional RINT X12 interface, BUSINT X11 industrial bus interface, PCINT X10 documentation interface (+ QDOC 9000 V2.0 software) and WELDQAS monitoring and documentation system
  • Parameters adjustable via interfaces: 256 JOBs (welding tasks) each with 16 programs in program mode or wire speed, arc length correction and arc dynamics via control voltage
  • Optimised for automated applications: Unique second generation digital system for reproducible welding results of the highest possible quality, easy to integrate into automated systems
  • Modular, cranable, stackable
  • Gas-cooled, with optional water-cooling module
  • Automated and mechanised applications in the production of machinery, cars, vehicles, containers, equipment and ships
  • 5 m mains supply lead
  • 100 % tested and free-weldedPulse arc – controlled, short-circuit-proof pulse arc for all positions, especially for transition arcs
  • forceArc – low-heat, directionally stable and powerful arc with deep fusion penetration for the upper power range
  • rootArc – short arc with good modelling properties for easy gap-bridging and positional welding

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