CUTform OÜ


Software Support Systems

CUTform OÜ has a range of software support systems to ensure the smooth running of the business

Software used is as follows:

  • AUTOCAD is one of the world’s leading 2D and 3D CAD design software tools. CUTform’s design department operates with the latest release of AutoCAD for tool, Jig and fixture design. We also use Autocad for receiving, viewing and file converting client drawings.
  • AP 100 2D/3D includes all the usual CAD drawing functions, but more importantly, this work has also specific features for sheet metals. When you create a new 2D drawing, which contains bending lines, the corner and the direction is shown in the same window, the 3D view. Bending losses are calculated automatically by bending attributes (e.g., bending tools, V-Groove width, RADIUS, material and thickness). Of course, you can also import files in the following formats: DXF, DWG and IGES 2D.  Viewing a 3D model can be managed
  • DR ABE BLANK NESTING is high-tech software for laser sheet metal cutting, which reduces dormancy and improves shop productivity by handling the assignment, sequencing, and NC generation that otherwise ties up time and labour
  • FEATURE CAM MILL AND LATHE quickly creates reliable and consistent toolpaths. Generates toolpaths based on the features of the part. Intelligently selects appropriate tools and calculates feeds and speeds. Combines cutting edge technology with ease-of-use
  • PCDMIS with ROMER ABSOLUTE ARM is used for the evaluation, management and presentation of manufacturing metrology data. Client Documentation can be uploaded for the ease of Initial Sample submission
  • PRODMASTER Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) software, client order handling, material calculations, EDI capability, capacity/machine planning, productivity data collection, customer and supplier evaluation

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