CUTform OÜ




CUTform has a full team of quality orientated welders who are all certified to EN287 level. Within the first half of 2014 CUTform will be certified to ISO 3834-4:2005 - Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials. The need for this certification is to ensure we are controlling the quality of our product and supporting our customer base to the best possible levels

CUTform has 3 state of the art EWM Phoenix 401 welding machines. Machines specifications are as follows:

  • Inverter welding machine, DC, pulse, water-cooled
  • Multiprocess: MIG/MAG, TIG lift arc, MMA, air arc gouging
  • Progress: Setting of all welding parameters and functions and display of the welding parameters on the wire feed unit, one-knob operation (Synergic) – easy setting of operating point, pre-programmed JOBs (welding tasks), selection via JOB list
  • More effective welding with forceArc and rootArc technology
  • Connection capability for remote control and function torch machine features include:
    • Pulsed Arc –controlled, short-circuit-proof pulsed arc for all positions, especially for transition arcs
    • ForceArc –low-heat, directionally stable and powerful arc with deep fusion penetration for the upper power range
    • RootArc –short arc with good modelling properties for easy gap-bridging and positional welding


CUTform’s product portfolio extends to high quality components with projection weld nuts, bolts and units attached. In the weld gallery you can see a 1.4301 +2B stainless steel component with 7 projection bolts welded.

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